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Dr. Ciuha's article on vitamin D and visual problems has been published in October 2016 issue of NDNR. Read the article here.

Dr. Ciuha's presentation on Naturopathic Medicine was published in the Journal of Ukrainian Medical Association of North America. Read the presentation here.

Dr. Ciuha's article on gluten-induced skin in- flammation was publi- shed in summer 2015 issue of NDNR. Read full article here.

Featured review article:
Genetics of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia By Nadia Ciuha, ND
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Dr. Nadia Ciuha
Dr. Ciuha has a unique approach to health and disease. She practices general family medicine with emphasis on dermatology, women's and children's health and digestive disorders/food sensitivities. Dr. Ciuha's has a conventional medical approach to diagnosis, and she uses physical examination, clinical labs and imaging tests to determine the cause of the problem.

Based on the individual patient's needs, that treatment is chosen, which will be most effective in helping the patient while creating least side effects. Treatment may include dietary and lifestyle modifications, nutritional therapies, botanical therapies, as well as prescription medications.

Naturopathic medicine works successfully for most conditions and all age groups, both, as a primary healthcare modality and as a specialty approach.

Dr. Ciuha has a thorough understanding of heredity and genetic diseases, which is important in providing a truly individualized healthcare, especially pediatric healthcare. She is the author of more than 30 articles on the topics of human genetics, heredity and genetics of cancer.